How Can I Get Local?

  • Start thinking "British Columbia" – a big bounty of local
  • Start small; it doesn't have to be 100%
  • Learn what's in season each month and enjoy the freshness and variety available
  • Think beyond fruits and vegetables and also look for local dairy, meats, seafood, and grocery items
  • Support grocers and restaurants in your area that offer local food
  • If your favorite grocer or restaurant does not offer much local food, talk to them about it and ask for more.
  • Visit the farmers market to learn more about local food and meet the producers
  • Sign up for a Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) box program or organic delivery service
  • Grow some of your own food or participate in a community garden
  • Each month, replace an often-bought imported product with a local product
  • Think of imported produce as a treat, not a staple
  • During harvest season, can, dry or freeze fresh, in-season produce for the winter
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  • Tell others to visit our website and Get Local!

How Can I Get Local?

Get Local one step at a time. Start by choosing food grown and/or produced as close to home as possible whenever you can. Shop and dine at businesses that support BC food growers and producers. Through many small steps, together we can make a big difference.

What is Local Food?

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency defines local or locally grown as domestic goods originating within 50 km, point to point, of the place where they are sold. Others like the folks from the 100 Mile Diet Society challenged themselves for a year to eat only foods from within 100 miles. We urge consumers to eat foods that have been grown and produced as close to home as possible and we promote the consumption of foods and beverages grown, produced, and processed in British Columbia.

Do I Have to Change My Entire Diet?

Get Local is about making choices in your food consumption. Start with small steps. Change some of your shopping or dining habits. Think about supporting the farmers in our province that are working hard to put food on your family's dinner table. Support businesses that are selling and serving local. Explore BCs growing selection of artisanal food products. Eat seasonally. Take the Eat Local Challenge for a week. Have a 100-mile pot luck dinner. Together, we can make a difference.

How Do I Know What's in Season?

Eating in season helps you pick the food grown closest to you at any time of year. Get to know what is in season in Metro Vancouver. Download our Seasonal Availability Chart and put it on your fridge or inside the door of a kitchen cupboard near your fridge. Check it before you shop for groceries to ensure you are buying food at its freshest. (This is a general list and product availability can change due to weather, etc.)